The Village of Delirium


In the days before Saltmarsh became the bustling city that it is today there was a contagion. The disease spread through the local population and those that succumbed and did not die were driven into madness after high fevers and days of delirium. Some returned from the madness, most did not. Those that did not were sent here, to the Sanitarium.

This small village grew out of the desire of the local folk to care for the sick while keeping them separate from the rest of society for fear of infection (a completely unfounded fear). The church of the Morning Lord took responsibility for the afflicted and constructed the village with funds from donations of the local populace, specifically two anonymous donors whose families were hit the hardest.

After nearly a decade of use, the last of the treated either died or disappeared from the record. The local villagers attempted to create a small river trading village, but the village never lost the stigma of the sanitarium, and few wished to settle in such an ominous place. Eventually the place was abandoned; but not forgotten.

Delirium quickly became known as “the haunted village”, and over the past several years the stories have grown, with traders and travelers going missing in its vicinity and strange sounds and lights being witnessed by passersby.

  1. The Gate Keep
  2. The Grist Mill
  3. The Sanitarium
  4. The Cemetery
  5. The Tavern
  6. The Inn
  7. The Church
  8. Tackle House

The Village of Delirium

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