Tournament of Shadows

Spiders, Rats, and Fire

Surveillance and sabotage on the sanitarium

After a brief camp and recuperation and some incredibly fortunate twists that resulted in no encounters during a LOT of maneuvering, the merry adventurers decided to conduct some surveillance on the village. It’s quite quiet during the day, but there is some activity at night. There is an armory of some sort being operated, there are strange lights from the sanitarium building, the tavern sees some coming and going from the other buildings, and the towers are regularly rotated with guards.

The former mill had been essentially abandoned (except by giant spiders and ROUSes). The loft of the mill had been converted to an aerie for two reserve harpies which our intrepid adventurers dispatched with relative ease. Not as much could be said for the spiders which did some damage including dropping the healer. But all recovered long enough to discover a sizable rat hole in a pile of rubbish at the edge of the mill, and to prepare a sniper’s hide that facilitated the launching of a burning arrow into the tavern building. In the commotion that followed, the group witnessed some urds on routine watch rounds, a few large goblins and other minor uglies, and one big one. They also spotted a few humans: A sorcerer type and a two weapon fighter on the steps of the sanitarium, and a robed character who stepped out of the tavern to watch the fire brigade of little uglies trying to quench the tavern fire.

A few items were discovered as well: A Wand of Missiles, a magical ring, a plain ring, some vials, and some assorted loot.

The group determined to venture away for a bit of rest and recuperation before the next foray into Delirium.



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